And so begins my life as a blogger….

Published October 17, 2010 by S

In a world full of websites like Twitter and Facebook, the personal blog seems to be an exploding concept.  And why not?  They are relatively easy to set up and update, and there is a never ending supply of people who find their own life so fascinating that they must share it with the world.  The good, the bad, and especially the ugly seem to have found a following on this wonderful Super highway of information, and I am proud to say that I have joined the ranks!

My husband has been encouraging me for several months now to start my own blog.  He has had one for quite some time, but I honestly thought the idea of having one myself was a little ludacris.  Let’s be honest here….in a room full of people, I love to hear myself talk.  I’ll even go so far as to admit that I am an attention hog and am truly happy being in the spotlight…..but does that really mean that I need to post all the mundane and potentially boring details of my life online for everyone to read?

I guess the answer to that is yes, since I am in fact writing and going to post this little rant of mine.

But on the other side of all of that “spotlight hogging” personality, is one that secretly hopes that someone will stumble across my ramblings and maybe find it interesting enough to continue reading.  Inside I feel that I have a wealth of information, albeit very random information, that may actually be of use to someone if only I put it out there.

Anyone close to me has probably heard my jokes of Facebook being a “Modern Miracle!”  I can update on my life several times a day, share pictures of my kids, talk about my daily activities, and generally put all my information in one place, so that noone can say that I didn’t tell them something.

And lets not forget that I get to  feel like I am close to over a hundred “friends”, even though in reality many of those “friends” are people that I have barely spoken to in years.  People that I went to elementary school with for Petes Sake who I remember fondly but really have no idea of what happened in their life after Grade 8 graduation 14 years ago! 

And also, lets not forget all those members of the “extended” family that we only see on holidays even though we live within 5 minutes driving distance.  If it wasn’t for facebook, we wouldn’t know a damn thing about each others lives.

But I digress.  As the title says, I am now beginning my life as a blogger.  Why you ask?  Well I have a few reasons:

1) As mentioned above I hope that someone somewhere may benefit from some of my random knowledge.

2) I hear that writing can be therapeutic, and I need a way to express myself.

3) When all is said and done, I have a slightly narcissistic personality.  I like to talk about myself, and I want people to know me, and if they actually like me?  Well then, it’s all the better than isn’t it?

So for now I’ll end blog number 1…..and if you made it this far, Thanks for reading!


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