Dr Tran, Foamy the Squirrel, and other Internet Wonders

Published November 26, 2010 by S

Ok, so deep down inside I can be a little Geeky at times. Various friends over the years have introduced me to several interesting Internet comics and cartoon short series that I just keep coming back to time and time again.

Dr. Tran is one of those Series. This internet cartoon that is created by “Lone Sausage Productions” and features a 5 yr old cartoon Asian boy who is continually being harassed by a “Voice”. This Voice claims that Tran is the star of thousands of movies, and that despite the little boys objections…is in fact a real Doctor with a PhD in Kicking Your Ass! As you can tell the humour behind this is a little off colour, but I find the whole thing amazingly creative. The voice has apparently created a whole Dr. Tran francise of movies, and products all covered in the Tran face. Even Tran’s friend Leland (whose head is mysteriously shaped like a cough drop) believes Tran to be all that his products say he is….and despite all his attempts to deny his fame Tran just can’t win against the Voice….or the Chicken that keeps trying to get gum.

Next on my list of favourite internet cartoons is Foamy the Squirrel produced by “Ill Will Press”. This cartoon features a purple haired girl named Germaine that for some reason lives with several squirrels that range from truly crazy to just plain Paranoid (and all speak English by the way). Foamy is the “head” squirrel and along with his little friends Pill-z (a squirrel with massive ADHD), and the Hatta’ (a black squirrel always fighting the man) he has many ridiculous adventures that range from buying a toaster from the Amityville Horror house, to just ranting on any and every topic imaginable. …so there really is something for everyone with this one.

And as for my all time favourite there are the amazing award winning Short Cartoons of Don Hertzfeld. Don’s cartoons are amazing to me in that they feature mostly stick figures, and have never really failed to give me a good laugh time and time again. The best one by far is “Rejected”, but I also like the one about “Movie Genres”. Most of these are several minutes long and often feature stick-rabbits.

And I think that Strongbad also deserves an Honourable Mention on my list….or rather “Teen Girl Squad” which is featured on Strongbad. In this cartoon you will find a mish-mash of characters sharing a house where Strongbad (who resembles a Mexican wrestler) seems to be in charge. He and his friends Home Star Runner, StrongSad, and of course “The Cheat” (who resembles a sack of cheese) go through their day to day lives in a style similar to MTV’s The Real World. In many of the episodes you will just see Strongbad sitting at his late 80’s style computer answering questions from his “fans”.

In other episodes you will see the animated versions of Strongbads attempts at drawing a cartoon. Teen Girl Squad features 4 stick figure girls…The Cheerleader, What’s-Her-Face, So-and-So, and The-Ugly-One. Basically they are just making fun of stereotypes, but i see a secret message behind it all of how everyone can be friends despite their “labels”. Most of the story lines in these shorts are filled in with very random objects appearing, or nonsensical phrases being uttered, but always good for a quick laugh. 

And finally something that has nothing to do with cartoons at all, but something that I have to share with as many people as possible is the amazing wonder that is “Yatta”. Years ago, before he was my brother in law, Adam showed us a video made by a Japanese boy band named “Green L”, or at least that’s what we think they are because the video is in Japanese after all. But basically its a music video that was made featuring clips from live concerts and other recorded clips. It is my mission to have as many people see this as possible, and the fact that they were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of years ago doesn’t hurt!

…so Enjoy!


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