Published January 9, 2011 by S

It’s a simple truth.  I can’t imagine not having my kids in my life. 

Haylee is such a creative and friendly child. She’d ramble on to strangers for hours if we let her.   When she is around, you know that a hug isn’t far away. And you can tell that she truly enjoys having her little brother.

Jack is such a cuddle bug!  If he’s not running in circles through the front hall, into the kitchen, dining room, and around again, you can be sure that he will be cuddled up next to you looking for hugs and kisses.  He’s always trying to share whatever he has, whether it’s toys or food. And he loves Haylee just as much as she loves him.

As I’m writing this I am watching them playing together on the couch. Jack is laying down letting Haylee play “Little Piggies” with his toes, and they are taking turns tickling each other. They both have these huge smiles on their faces, and are just so happy!

I hope that as they grow they keep up this close relationship, and are always there for each other.  What more can a parent want?


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