Truly Stupid Websites (that made me laugh my ass off!)

Published January 26, 2011 by S

Ok,  so for the last few weeks I have been trolling the internet.  I clicked on random links, links posted on message boards (that I normally wouldn’t click on), ads posted in the sidebars of Facebook and other websites….and all kinds of things I never really used to do.  But it has proven to be a never ending source of amusement, and thanks to my Iphone, it has alleviated some of my boredom during the long periods of inactivity while at work.

So, I thought I would share a few of the things I have come across in my web travels.  Some you may know, and some you may not, but I hope that each one will either make you chuckle, Laugh Out Loud, or do the ever classic:

1) Damn You Auto Correct (damnyouautocorrect. com)  – Features images of humourous text messages sent from phones that have an “auto-correct” feature, which really just translates to you phone changing words to whatever the hell it wants to.

2) Litter Robot ( – a website selling cat litter boxes that are shaped like freaky little japanese robot pods….I’m sorry but this is purely a *face palm* if I ever saw one!

3) Work LOL’s ( – similar to Damn You Auto Correct, but pictures of some crazy things they find/see at work.

4) Jesus Gets Around ( – images of Jesus, and some wacky Jesus related products, and all the many places they pop up in the world

5) Why did you buy me that? ( – site dedicated to people posting the worst gifts they have received….there are some pretty bad ones on there….although I have to say that I wouldn’t mind the crazy penis statue in a hula skirt…

There are so many more, but I would encourage you to have an adventure of your own.  If you find anything that makes you say WTF? or actually LOL, please let me know, because we can all use a good laugh every now and then.


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