84 days and counting….

Published February 5, 2011 by S

For anyone that doesn’t know, the company that I work for (Russel Metals Inc.) announced last August that they will be closing our local branch (York-Ennis) laying off most of it’s employees and combining their operations with another branch in Cambridge, Ontario.

What this means is that in 84 days, approximately 80 people in the Niagara Region will be put out of work, including myself.

The closure was originally announced to be effective on January 31, 2011.  Shortly before Christmas we found out that for many reasons the closure will not be happening as scheduled and is now stated to happen as of April 30, 2011.

So on the upside I will be employed until then.  On the downside, I had started making plans, and now some of those are becoming complicated.

I have plans to start another surrogacy, and plans to return to school….finally!

Now because of the change in the closure date the timing is getting a little trickier for that, but not impossible.

One of the biggest concerns for me though involves the plan that Mike and I put in place a year ago.  When our home daycare provider decided to return to work outside the home, we found ourselves in a bit of a scramble with only 2 weeks notice to find a new Daycare for the kids.  Well, at that time Mike was already looking for new work since some of the internal politics with his employer were driving him crazy, and causing him to be way to stressed out on a daily basis….so he asked what I thought about him becoming a stay at home Dad.

Well, we had several talks about it, he came up with a plan, and we went ahead with it.  He also started babysitting before and after school, and then got a part-time job on the weekends….which luckily, he loves!

So we’ve actually been doing ok this last year.  The kids have wonderful  person taking care of them, and I have a great person taking care of things while I’m at work.  Someone that I trust and love!  What could be better?

But now with me being put out of work, there were some tough choices to make. 

Do I start looking right away for a new job? Or do I wait it out before going on the job hunt? Does Mike start looking for work and I stay home with the kids? Do we do this, or do we do that?

So many options!  But I guess we’re just taking it a one thing at a time.  I have work until The end of April, and I’ll be getting a decent severance package.  I’ll also qualify for EI, but not until the severance runs out.  The master plan was to be able to have someone home with the kids until Jack starts Kindergarten, which will happen in September 2012.  So with my severance, and then a year of unemployment that will be possible, especially if Mike gets full-time work as well……so we’ll get by.

And in the mean time, I will be doing another surrogacy, and I have those same plans to go back to school.  I plan on taking Emergency Telecommunications in the hope of becoming a 911 operator here in Niagara.  It is a 4 month course that runs in September and again in January, so right now depending on when my surrogacy due date will be, that will determine when I start school.

So not everything has gone according to the plan we made a year ago, but we’ve adapted to the changes, and I have a feeling that it will all work out for the best! As long as we stick together we can do anything.


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