. . . In Bed

Published February 8, 2011 by S

At work last week, we had 2 people visiting from another branch.  On Fridays, as a group we usually order a special Take-Out lunch, with last Fridays choice falling to me.  When given the choice, I usually choose Chinese food, since it’s not something we often enjoy at home.

In Welland, there is this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant called Star Rose. For about $8.00 you can choose any one of the chosen Meals for One on the back of the take-out menu.  The portions are ridiculously large, and often there is enough to either split between 2 people, or to make 2 meals for yourself.  My choice is usually the #9: Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken balls, and an Egg Roll.  Doesn’t sound like much, but trust me…..it’s more than enough!

Anyways, so lunch was obtained and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Then came time for the Fortune Cookies.

Liz (one of the visitors) told us to read our fortunes and then add “…in bed” to the end of the fortune.  This provided quite a few laughs amongst us, so I thought I would share this little game with you, and post pictures of a few of the fortunes I have gotten over the last few month. 

I didn’t really know why I was keeping them….but I guess now I do!  When you read, Don’t forget to add “. . . in bed!”


"Others admire your Independance"

(top) "A special moment lies ahead" (middle) "You have a natural grace and consideration for others" (bottom) "You are able to analyze objectively and express yourself clearly"


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