What really sucks is….

Published February 20, 2011 by S

….being a HUGE Cat-person and having a Husband that is allergic.

To most people this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you have had cats for the first 21 years of your life, being cut off from them is not easy, even after 7 years, it’s still not easy.

What’s the big deal you ask?  Well Cats are Awesome!  They are friendly and easier to care for then dogs.  They demand attention just as dogs do, but they are also independant creatures and don’t need that constant “Look at me look at me!”  “Throw the ball!” kind of attention that dogs need.  They also have the added benefit of not needing to be walked, regardless of the weather conditions.  Sure you need to clean a litter box, but honestly i’d rather do that than pick up Dog poop.  At least this way it’s all clumped together and I get to use a scoop….

And did I mention that Cats are just plain Awesome?

They also have medical benefits for their human companions.  There are medical studies that show that even just petting a cat can dramatically lower your blood pressure and slow your pulse, making them ideal for people in high-stress jobs. And typically they live longer than dogs as well.  A cat can live an average of 16 years, and many live beyond that.

As far back as I can remember my family has always had cats.  Siamese cats to be exact.  I know that before our wonderful cat Si (named by my grandmother) they did have regular tabbies and such, but I have precious few memories of them.  Many people think that Siamese are vicious and mean, but this is not true.  Sure they can be a little more finicky than other breeds, but they are very loving, and emotional creatures.  Once they bond with you, they are very loyal, and even act as great Watch animals since they can be just as protective as dogs.

I know that it’s not fair to ask my husband to suffer just so that I can have a furry Seal-point companion, but I can still hope that one day, the allergy will be less of an issue.  One day, I will have that purring ball of fur cuddled up with me again.

Emma (Torti-point)

Charlie (or Misha if you ask my Mom! LoL) Chocolate Point


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