Published March 3, 2011 by S

I admit it, I can be envious at times of other people.  I see what I think to be a pretty woman and I am envious of her hair, or her slim figure.  Or I see people who have all the money in the world, and the ease and opportunities they have because of it.  And I’ve been known to be envious on occasion of people’s possessions.

But the thing I find myself wishing I had the most was some of the Talent that is displayed all around me.

Sure I can play the piano, and am told by friends that I’m a good writer, but those are not things that I have the talent to turn into a career.  I have a passion for writing, but I don’t have the ability to think out plot lines and to develop characters to write a novel….but I enjoy blogging, and even though it’s all about me, I truly enjoy it and it’s been a great outlet.

I have always been very jealous of one particular person I went to school with.  Let’s call her A.

From as far back as I can remember, A has always been an amazingly talented person. Her ability to draw and paint, even from early childhood was amazing!  It’s really not surprising to me that she is excelling in the Arts.  She has been continuing her education in so many fields since we left highschool, and I’m truly astounded at how she excels at everything!  She is learning languages, she has an amazing singing voice and performs regularly in Toronto.  She draws, paints, sculpts, and does photography….She is truly amazing!

Then there is Mike’s cousin Jonathon.  He is an animation and arts student.  He did an internship in California for an animation production company a couple of years ago.  And since he posts some of his work on Facebook, and now has a blog, I am truly amazed at each new thing he produces.  His drawings are amazing, and his animations speak for themselves.

I was looking at some pencil drawing he did of a human subject, and although they are simple, I think they are beautiful as well.  He might see it in a more technical light, but I think he has amazing talent.

And this coming from someone who can’t do any better than stick figures!

So here I am, 28 yrs old and still searching for my talent.  I can’t draw, and I can only sing well enough for karaoke.  I’m learning how to crochet more things than just blankets right now, and blogging is becoming a decent outlet for me.  At least the end product is much better than the sad and rather ridiculous poetry I used to write in highschool….Ugh!  I cringe to remember!


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