Life on Hold?

Published April 2, 2011 by S

…not really.  I feel like I have just gotten my life back! 

Yesterday was my last day of work. Mike is now back to working full-time hours and I have the joy of being with my kids again.  Well, the joy of being with them more I should say, and I must admit that it will be very nice to see them during daytime hours when we aren’t all cranky and tired from work and school.

In other life news. . .

. . . the surrogacy that I have been working on, has been delayed until June/July.  I’m working with 2 amazing men (Yes, Men!) to help them have a family, and we had hoped to have all the medical stuff started in Feb/March.  Sadly we keep getting delayed because of the Egg Donor.  For 2 cycles she simply didn’t start her medication, with no explanation other than “she didn’t understand how time sensitive everything is”.  We were told Mid-March that she would be on board for this month, but come to find out this week that she is going on a business trip which will interfere with the required monitoring, and now we have to wait until she is home and has another period to start.

So this leaves us in a limbo state for another 2 months.  C and Y (the dads) seem to be holding up well through all of this disappointing news.  I feel terrible for them. We had everything lined up, legal work – Done, Medical testing – Done, Egg Donor – Found. . .so we all started to get our hopes up, and we let the excitement start to grow, only to find ourselves month after month being delayed.

Earlier this week, I was so angry at the situation.  There are so many people involved in this and some of them have provided conflicting information.  It just makes me very glad that I have already done this before, so I know what to expect.  I know what is right and what sounds “off”. I know what is expected of me, and I can only hope that things start coming together soon.  I’m willing to wait in order to help C and Y, no matter what comes along in the next couple of months. 

And as hard as the waiting is on me, it must be 50 times worse for C and Y.  But I know that things will work out. I’m not a religious person, but I have faith that things will start to go our way soon.

So surrogacy drama aside, my family is doing awesome.  Haylee keeps improving in her Karate lessons.  She is almost a full yellow belt now.  I can see a huge leap in the amount of her concentration, and the fact that she really enjoys Karate makes it all even better.

Jack is growing and learning more everyday.  This week Mike taught him that when you say, “Jack, guess what!” Jack now says “Chicken Butt”.  He is also losing his baby lisp and speaking much clearer than before.  He is also adding more words to his sentences and hopefully we will start the intensive potty training soon.  Up until now he hasn’t shown much interest and we haven’t wanted to push in case we went in the wrong direction. Add to that the fact we drove to Disneyworld a few weeks ago, and it just wasn’t good timing to push the potty issue. 

I’ll admit that the idea of Potty training scares me a little bit.  With Haylee she was in Daycare during potty training so she was “inspired” by the other children.  Jack of course has us around all the time, but he doesn’t seem bothered by wet diapers the way Haylee was.  *sigh* I give it a week of me being home before I start really working on it. 

I also have an appointment on Wednesday (the 6th) to see if I qualify for Lasik Eye Surgery.  I’ve been hemming and hawing over it for years, but due to the high cost never really looked into it.  I don’t even know if I’m a candidate, so I’m taking advantage of the Free Consults that they do to know once and for all if there is hope for my eyes. I had planned on waiting until after this next surrogacy before getting the consult, but since we are delayed, I find there is no time like the present!  I checked with the Fertility Clinic and they said that if I did have the procedure done, there is no waiting time after for the IVF and we can still go ahead as planned.

You all know that my eyes are ridiculous.  My prescription is so strong, and even when I pay to have the special “thinner” lenses, they are still noticably thick.  I have 2 seperate issues going on with my eyes.  I have an astigmatism AND a myopia.  Each of these is correctable, but I don’t know if they are correctable when they are together like that. But now I will know once and for all.  I don’t know if we can even afford it right now, but if I qualify, they will let me know the total cost involved and it can be something to save up and look forward to after my surrogacy. I’ve lived with glasses for 21 years, so another year really won’t make a difference.  And I don’t even expect 20/20 vision if I have it done.  But ANYTHING is better than what I have now.  I would be overjoyed if all I need is reading glasses or to wear glasses for driving…you can’t imagine the freedom I would feel!

I have so many plans for my life for this next long while, but #1 on that list is my kids.  I’m glad to be here with them and for them again. 

So, here we are.  FINALLY at the start of our new adventure!

Oh and before I forget!  I got a haircut, and colour on Thursday night.  What do you think?  To see the true colour, check the After shot of the back.  The colour on my roots is the real colour, but in every picture, the light hits it funny and brings out different tints.

Time for a change!


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