My New Leaf

Published April 30, 2011 by S

So last night I had a bit of a pity party for myself. I chose to vent my feelings on a private support group I am part of through Facebook. All the group members are surrogates, former, current, and future. they are a wonderful group of women and I feel blessed to have so many supportive and understanding women in my life.

One of the good things about our group is that it is a safe place for me to share my feelings since only those people can read what I have shared. I don’t need to worry about keeping everything cheerful or happy with them like I do in other forums. I can be “real”.

this morning I realized that I need to be real on this blog too. I can’t just sugar coat things and only post the happy and the good, because let’s face it…life isn’t always happy and good.

The thing I had vented on last night is an issue I have been trying to come to terms with for several months now. I thought that if I kept it to myself eventually I wouldn’t feel bad about it anymore, and generally I don’t but it does still sit in the back of my mind to jump out at the oddest of times.

Yes, I will blog about this issue. probably later today actually but this post is not directly about that.

The thing that broke my emotional “dam” was actually a combination of delicious wine from one of my favourite wineries, and an episode of the TV show “Bones”. in this weeks episode the murder Vicim was a man that believed in complete and total honesty. Now I do believe that honesty is best, but it’s not always practical.

I believe that you need to be honest but in order to prevent hurting others I think a certain level of omission is acceptable.

It turns out I was omitting a lot of myself in this blog by not sharing my true feelings on some things, and only posting about the good and positive with none of the negatives.

In general I don’t like complaining and would much rather post only the positive side of things, but that’s simply not realistic, and I now realize somewhat dishonest to anyone reading this blog. So today I will start sharing my true self with my readers. Wish me luck!


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