Houses, Karate and other Random news

Published June 5, 2011 by S

Well this week we managed to find tenants to rent our house while we’re in London, as well as find a good house for us in London as well.  Things are slowly starting to come together.

In my surrogacy news, The dad’s that I’m working with finally have an Egg Donor lined up, and if all goes to plan we are looking at doing a transfer around the second week of July. I’m so happy for them that things are coming to together at long last.  And if all goes well by this time next year they will enjoying all the lovely spring weather with their new little one (or ones!).

Yesterday Haylee had her first Karate tournament.  I was so proud of my little girl!  She had amazing concentration and gave a strong effort, bringing home 2 Trophies!  A Gold for her Basic Skills, and a Bronze for Sparring.  I’ll post some pictures below, and I’m sorry they are a little blurry.

My little Karate Kid

Awesome kicks!

Gold for Basic Skills

Getting ready to Spar (aka: Fight)

Not afraid to give (or take) a punch.

Gold for Basics and Bronze for Sparring. Great job Haylee!


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