Kudos to New York! Another step in the Right Direction

Published June 25, 2011 by S

Yesterday we saw another historical win for Civil Rights.

New York State passed a law allowing Same Sex marriages to be formally recognized.

Members of the LGBT community in Canada have enjoyed that fundamental right since 2005, and I think it is about time that such a prominent state such as New York join the Equality bandwagon.

I have seen so many people in the past spouting negative opinions of Gay people in general, and many more claiming to be tolerant of “the gay lifestyle” still arguing that allowing same sex couples to marry will somehow diminish the sacred nature of heterosexual marriages.

But my question to those people is this: How on Earth can a gay couple getting married even effect, let alone destroy the sanctity of your own marriage?  If you believe that what they are doing is morally degrading and wrong in the eyes of whatever form of God you choose to worship, than why can’t you leave the judgement up to that God? Why must you believe yourself to be better and of higher moral fibre and preach intolerance about people you don’t know, and obviously don’t understand?  Are you really that insecure in your own relationship that you have to blame its possible destruction on people that have nothing to do with you?

All people in this world are human beings, regardless of their gender, faith or sexual orientation.  So why are there laws that allow one group of people something that is denied to another?

Is it all simply because what you haven’t or can’t experience scares the shit out of some people?  Is  it that some people are scared of their own feelings so that they bury them deep inside themselves, and then condemn others for feeling the same thing but having the strength and courage to share it openly and not deny it exists?

Or is it simply because at some point in history the mere existance of Same sex love was vilified by an organization or religion?

I applaud those people brave enough to live “out of the closet”. Those people that know who and what they are, and do not hide from the world for the sake of convenience or fear. Even here in Canada there is no lack of intolerance.  There are groups here just as anywhere that live and act on hate.

In my own lifetime I have seen a drastic change in how people see and react towards Gay people.  As a child, I never thought much or heard much of it.  It simply wasn’t talked about unless you knew someone who was gay.  Now I’m glad to say that I can see same sex couples walking down the street holding hands, getting married and even having children.

I have seen so many changes to the way people in our world look at all the differences that we have as a society, and I have seen a great change for the better, but we still have a long road to travel.

I can’t control others thoughts or feelings, but in my own life, I can only do what I think is right.

I can teach my children that Love is a precious gift, and gender shouldn’t be part of the equation.   I can teach them that no matter what direction their lives take, I will do my best to support them. I can teach them that Human rights don’t stop just because of your gender or your faith, and I most definitely am teaching them that I will love them no matter who they bring home to dinner.

Awhile ago, I was reading a book and 2 of the main characters were telling their stories of how they came out to their families…I remember thinking when I read those stories that if my child ever came to me and told me they were gay, that I hope my response will be, “ok, but I still want grandchildren.”

As long as my children find Love and know how to give Love in return, I really don’t care what chromosomes or genitalia those lucky people have, or were born with. Love is a higher power than anything I know, and that is all that should matter.


One comment on “Kudos to New York! Another step in the Right Direction

  • Well, apart from the “I still want grandchildren” thing I completely agree with you.

    If Haylee & Jack decide they don’t want to have kids I think we should respect that. As much as you & I are family oriented people, if our kids chose a different path for themselves, I think we’ve got to respect that it’s their life to live.

    I was trying to find the words to make fun of New York for taking so long to legalize gay marriage, but then I found out that out of 52 states, they’re only the 6th to do it. That came as a bit of a shock to me, even though it probably shouldn’t have.

    As you pointed out, it’s been legal here for a while now, and the people who we’ve surrounded ourselves with are really not homophobic, so I guess I’ve put blinders on to what’s happening outside of our normal circles.

    Although I wish I could say that New York was one of the last states to do this, and make fun of them for being late to the party, but I guess the reality is that at this point, they’re one of the leaders, and so I suppose congratulations is in order.

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