Happy Birthday Canada

Published July 1, 2011 by S

Today my beautiful Canada is 144 years old. I am a first generation Canadian and am proud to have been born here.

Sure Canada has it’s fair share of problems (like Stephen Harper and HST taxes) but there is a lot to be happy and grateful for.

I won’t go into the crazy pro/con list of what makes Canada great but I will say this…

My name is Sara! And I am Canadian! (btw, whatever happened to Joe anyway?)

I wanted to post a link to a stand up routine starring William Shatner but due to issues with our internet i only have my cell phone, and i am unable to post video from my phone…so I will update when I have real Internet again.

If interested go to Google and type “William Shatner I am Canadian” as your search and watch the video that comes up.

Happy Canada day to all my Canuck Peeps! Enjoy a poutine for me!


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