The Big Move

Published July 8, 2011 by S

Well, here it is July 8th and I’ve been a resident of London for 4 ½ days now.

The move was a little more stressful then I thought it would be.  Packing was a nightmare.  I honestly don’t know how we accumulate so much stuff for 4 people!  But as we went through we managed to get rid of a lot of it.  Donated a lot to Goodwill and also made some money selling some stuff on Kijiji.

I’ll admit I got teary and had a little pout session as I dismantled our crib, and again when the buyer came to pick it up.  Both of my babies slept in that crib.  They chewed the rails when they were teething, and cuddled under their baby blankets listening to their mobiles at night. They would greet us with smiles in the morning reaching up for hugs and kisses.

Yes, I’m the sentimental type.  I have to admit that part of me hoped to see another baby of my own in that crib, but we aren’t thinking about that now.

The marathon packing started on Thursday.  School was finally over and I was no longer babysitting, so I could finally start the real work without worrying about bored children in the house once all the toys were packed.

Mike took the night off from packing to take Miss Haylee to her first real concert.  They enjoyed seeing Katy Perry and I enjoyed a last evening of peace and quiet before all the stress kicked in.

Friday was a half and half day.  We spent half working on packing and the other half enjoying some quiet family time for Canada Day.

Saturday saw me driving a van load of stuff to the new house.  Mike was moving in that night and I decided to unpack whatever we had brought already for him.  I did a little grocery shopping for him as well as driving by Haylee’s new school, before heading home again. Disaster struck 30 minutes into the drive though in the form of a blown out tire. Not just a flat, but a hole in the side of the tire the size of a golf ball!

Help arrived rather quickly though in the form of a CAA driver returning to Hamilton that happened to see me on the side of the 401.  When he pulled up I was on the phone with CAA to arrange for help, so really I count myself lucky to have a zero wait time on service.  From blow out to getting back on the road took about 30 minutes.  Another 20 minutes got me to Woodstock and a Canadian Tire store about 20 minutes before the service department closed, but just enough time to deal with my tire.  I was back on the road about 6pm and headed home.

Sunday was dedicated solely to packing.  I amazed myself with how much I got done.  My Mom came to help me and later in the day Karl as well to help dismantle my Flat screen TV and it’s stand.

Monday was finally moving day.  I knew I would be stressed so asked Mike not to call me that day.  The movers were an hour late which pretty much sent my stress level up 50 points or so, but once they showed up they got right to work.

My brother in law had already come and taken my kids to the park so I didn’t have to worry about them getting trampled or witnessing the mini-scene of the Head mover trying to back out of moving my piano!  I had sent a list of furniture to be moved 2 weeks before the move date, and the Piano was the first item on the list.  He had assured me it wouldn’t be a problem.  Fast forward to moving day where he tells me as he gets there that his hydraulic tailgate is broken and they can’t do it.  I have to say I’m proud of keeping my cool, but did NOT let him off the hook.  He agreed to the job, and knowing what he had to move, he should have shown up with a truck to do the job.  And worst of all was when he started talking down to me and saying, “lets call your husband and he can explain it to you”.  Um…what?  I don’t think so!  I just looked at him and said, “My husband is at work, hence why we hired you.  The piano is my property, not his and you agreed in writing to move it.  We can leave it here, but then I will deduct the cost of hiring another mover from what I agreed to pay you.”

In the end he backed down, but still insisted I find another person to help get it in the truck.  Luckily my brother in law is a strong guy who was willing to help, and the piano made it safely onto the truck.

I could go into more detail about these “interesting” movers, but I think for the sake of my karma I need to move on for now.

So they were an hour late, showing up at 10am, and they finally pulled out of my driveway at 1pm.  They told me to expect them to be about 3-3 ½ hours, so after puttering around my house for another 20 minutes, I took off for London with the kids.  I made incredible time and arrived here about 3:20pm.  I banished the kids to the basement of the new house where all their toys were already and started unloading my van into the house.  I had all our dishes and breakables, not wanting to leave them at the tender mercy of the movers.  So I unloaded, moved the van to the street and had most of the dishes unpacked before my mother in law arrived followed soon after by the movers and then my father in law.

My mother and her new boyfriend also made the drive to help us out. My Mom doesn’t drive on highways so I was grateful to Dave (her boyfriend) for bringing her and helping out as well.  It was the first time I really got to talk to him since he is still so “new” to us, but I take it as a really great sign how well my kids took to him!  They were jumping all over him and Haylee was drawing him pictures and playing some word game with him…

Things got moved, boxes unpacked, beds assembled, pianos placed, and then we all sat down to a delicious roast beef dinner that Mike had so thoughtfully had cooking in the crock pot for us all day.

After a good meal, conversation, and loving goodbyes for our parents, we got the kids bathed and in bed before finally trying to relax a little bit.  Mike moved some more furniture around, and then we spent our first evening together in our new home.

That’s more or less the story of the move. Not to terribly interesting, but smooth enough.  Nothing was broken in transit which was lucky.

Now we just need to keep on unpacking, and get settled. I wonder how long until we are used to being a full-time family again?  I got so used to being on my own 5 days a week with the kids, so I hope I get used to being married again quickly.

So it’s official!  We are now London residents.  Now if only our internet would get hooked up…

PS: Thanks to Sabrina and her lovely girls for the visit today!  I’m eyeing one of those delicious Strawberry cupcakes you left!  We’ll have to have you back really soon.


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