Day 2 (Surrogacy Prep)

Published July 11, 2011 by S

So today I went to Toronto for my “Day 2” testing. What this means is that my 2nd surrogacy is FINALLY underway!

My day started at 5am with Mikes alarm going off, followed by mine 10 minutes later. We showered, woke up 2 very sleepy kids and were out the door a few minutes after 6am.

Mike had some stuff to do at our old house today so the plan was he would drop me off at the GO train station in Burlington and continue on to Niagara as I headed out to Toronto.  Little did we know that the last-minute decision to drop me at a different GO station would delay me by almost an hour.  Apparently the GO train doesn’t run to that one station all day, and I had to either wait 2.5 hours and be very late to the clinic or take the shuttle bus to the next station and only be 30-40 minutes late.

Obviously I went with option B and continued on my journey.  I got to Toronto around 9:15, and then took the subway to the clinic.

I was actually pretty amazed at how efficiently the clinic runs now compared to my last appointments there almost 2 years ago now.  All in the span of 15 minutes, I had my blood drawn and my ultrasound done.  I had about a 20 minute wait to see the doctor after all that, and then another 15 minutes waiting for the nurse to get me the meds I needed to start taking today.

Estrogen Pills - 2 pills x 3 times a day

*Insert Little Blue Pill joke here*

After all of this, one of the Baby Daddies met me for a little while since his office is quite close to the clinic.  We went to a coffee shop across the street  and chatted for awhile.  I was also treated to a delicious White Chocolate Chiller!  (My new favourite treat from Second Cup!)

Then I started my journey home again.  I got to Union Station to catch the GO train back to Burlington but had missed the 11:45 train by about 10 minutes.  Luckily I was able to kill time by having lunch.

The train ride home was odd.  I sat across from these two guys who talked about accounting almost the whole ride.  One sounded exactly like my friend Brian and the other like the actor Seth Rogan. Nothing alike in the looks department though…

The other thing was that even though there were many empty seats, this one girl who got on hauling a large basket of dirty laundry.  She wore very low-cut jeans with some very high cut underwear that happened to look like tutti fruity gum and seemed very angry for some unknown reason.  She didn’t take her sunglasses off the whole trip and she kept scowling and sighing at nothing.  Occasionally she would pull out her cell phone and send a text, but not much else.

Here is a sneaky pic I got of who I now call “Angry Laundry Chick”

Angry Laundry Chick

So that’s my day.  I think I’m going to celebrate my return home with a chicken burger and some salad…Oh wait!  There is cookie dough ice cream in the freezer!  Never mind!

(PS: I’m posting more of the details on my actual Surrogacy Blog if anyones interested


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