I love you internet! Never leave me again!

Published July 19, 2011 by S

So after 23 days of no real internet, I am finally free of the technological blackout!

Ok, I’m obviously over exaggerating since I’ve had my Iphone to keep me sane and connected, but as much as I love that little pocket-sized miracle, I’m so very glad to finally have internet here in London.

Can we say Multi-tasking? So much easier on a laptop!

I’ll spare you the details of why it all took so long, but I’m finally connected again.  I can look up all the places I need to find in London, I can get back to easy online banking, and dear freaking lord am I glad that I can access my chat room sites again!  (no, not dirty chats, but my surrogacy support sites.)  And most important of all, we can download and stream tv again, and at much better speeds than in Thorold. So no more waiting 3 days for episodes of True Blood!  Hurray!

Now, some of you are probably thinking, big freaking deal! She has internet…who doesn’t?  But you know what? So much of our everyday lives in online.  Like I mentioned above,  online banking for instance.  Sure I can log on my bank site to pay bills from my Iphone, but it’s so much easier from my laptop.  I don’t have to worry about the screen jumping around and accidentally paying the wrong amount to the wrong bill.

Even the simplest of things, Email is finally easier again.  Love my Iphone to bits, but for long emails it’s a pain in the toosh!  Autocorrect can be a beautiful thing, but when you have to retype the same word 4 or 5 times because it’s not a normal word or its an abbreviation, it gets tedious.



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