Sterilization and Impregnation…Oh My!

Published July 27, 2011 by S

Ok,  so for the last little while my husband has been very open and vocal about his upcoming Vasectomy.  Well…tomorrow is the big day.

But not only is it Mikes big day, but it is mine as well.  After many months of waiting and hoping, tomorrow is Transfer Day for my surrogacy.  Mike and I like to joke that while he is going to have one man putting a knife to his balls, I’ll be off (hopefully) getting pregnant for 2 other men.

I am very excited for our surrogacy journey to finally get started. I plan to update my surrogacy blog ( tomorrow after the procedure.

As we say in the surrogacy world “Think sticky thoughts for me!”

PS. While doing a very random Google search tonight, I came across a link to this funny clip from Family Guy.


Honestly I think that employing Barbershop Quartets for these kinds of situations, could dramatically increase success rates.   I mean come on!  Who doesn’t love an anatomy lesson from 4 men with mustaches singing and dancing?


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