Did you miss me?

Published August 31, 2011 by S

Well if you didn’t miss me, I missed me.  I think its good to have a little self-love every now and then (and I’m not talking in the sexy way  ^_^)

Its been a few busy, and partially upsetting weeks around here and I just haven’t had it in me to write.

First off, for my surrogacy we had our transfer on July 28, but sadly on August 10 we found out that it didn’t take.  So I went off all my meds, and had to wait and see what the next step was.  Luckily I only had to wait a few days for the answer which was go back on the BCP’s for 2 weeks, then stop and on that next cycle we are going to try again.

So I’ll be heading back to the clinic on Sunday (Sept 4th) for my Day 2 tests again, and away we go again!  The only difference is that this time we don’t have to coordinate with an egg donor since we now have frozen embryos waiting for us.  This gives us a little more flexibility in setting the transfer day, which is nice since I have to coordinate my husbands schedule as well.

The next thing that happened was that Mike received some unfortunate and VERY upsetting news from work.  The reason we moved to London was because he was offered a promotion to Assistant Manager in his company for the London location. This meant better pay, guaranteed full-time hours and a benefits plan. We found out on the 18th that in any store that doesn’t meet a certain revenue, they are eliminating the Assistant Manager position. So basically he had his pay reduced, and he was back to being part-time.

As you can imagine Mike and I were both extremely stressed out by this information. We had uprooted our whole family and moved to London just because of this job!  I felt like this whole thing was pointless.  We moved here and in the end were no better off then we were before, except now we are here with no friends, in a city that I honestly just don’t care for. I’d be perfectly happy right now to go back home, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

So we put all our efforts into job hunting. I’d already been applying for part-time positions, so I expanded my search into full-time positions too.  Mike started sending out applications and resumes to any management type job he could find advertised.  Including a company I will currently refer to as “The Place” since we don’t know if he got that job yet.  It’s a successful company that is now expanding into London, and is hoping to open in the next month.

So, he applied to the “The Place” and it took almost a week before he heard anything from them.  They called and set up an interview that according to Mike went very well.  The location is actually a bit closer to home which is nice.  Shortly after the interview with the Regional Manager, the Store Manager went to meet Mike at work, and traded phone numbers.  Then a day or two later, Mike was called by that manager inviting us all out to lunch at a restaurant nearby.

So on Sunday we had a nice brunch with Mikes’ potential new boss, his wife, and one of their daughters who will also be working in the store.  It turns out that the family had run a similar business in that location for about 18 years before deciding to sell the business to “The Place”, and they were kept on to manage the location.  They seem very happy and excited by everything that is going on.

After we ate, they invited us to the location to see the construction that is going on inside and to talk about what the final vision will be.  I take all this as a very good sign, since we really don’t know if Mike has the job yet or not.  The next day Mike had his scheduled 2nd interview which was with the head of the HR department, and we should know by the end of this week one way or another.

Here is a picture that Haylee drew on her napkin at the restaurant. it’s currently hanging on our fridge.  I like it!

Haylees lovely picture!

So those are some of the more major issues we have been dealing with.

A few little side things that came up were:

1) Tornado Warning: Last week was the first tornado warning since moving here.  Apparently we moved to “Tornado Alley” and this is going to be a fairly common occurence.  We didn’t actually get a tornado here, but the storms that day were pretty crazy, and the kids were a little nervous because of things they heard other people saying at the grocery store as we went to get some supplies.  We ended up having to go and pick up Mike at work since he rode his bike into work before knowing about the warnings, and there was NO way I was letting him ride home.  The drive was actually pretty uneventful, with the worst part simply being that we got soaked getting to and from the van.

2) Furry Houseguest: The other night while working on my online Smartserve course, I happened to see something out of the corner of my head near the kitchen door.  I thought I was crazy simply because I was exhausted and my eyes were blurry from being on my laptop for so long with the course.  A few minutes ago I saw it again and with no doubts, we had a mouse.  Mike and I tried to catch it, but I grabbed a poor choice of trap and it got out.  So the next day we went to the store and got a humane Catch and Release style trap and set it up at home. But we haven’t caught the mouse, and I haven’t seen any sign of it since.  Nothing at all!  So maybe it got back out, however it got in.  *shrug*

So that’s it.  Life is crazy…but when isn’t it crazy?


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