Happy Birth (party) Day Mikey!

Published September 3, 2011 by S

So today we had a party to celebrate Mike’s upcoming 30th birthday.  We had an interesting mix of our family and friends make the trip out here to celebrate with us.  Thank you to everyone who came, and I hope to see you all again soon.

I didn’t take many pictures like I had planned, but I thought I’d post a few that I did.

Happy (almost) birthday Mike!  I love you!

The Cake. Haylee helped to decorate it. =)

Notice how it matches her PJ's?


Mike said he didn't want candles...so I guess he has to wish on the star.

Anti-Monopoly - Voted best party game of 2011?

It really is called "Anti-Monopoly". (refer all questions to Mike.)

Happy birthday Mike!

Yes, I let him cop a feel...it is his party after all! LOL

Me in my pretty new top, that I somehow managed to keep clean even though I did the BBQing.

I splurged on some special Goat cheese. Cranberry (left) and Dill (right). Delicious!

This started as a joke...Mike loves Bran muffins, so I told him the other day I would make him a cake made of bran muffin mix. I had meant for his actual birthday since I didn't think it would go over well with our guests, but Mike decided to make it anyway...so Bran Cake for all! (PS the cake in the first picture is a French Vanilla cake, and is what was actually served to our guests...the bran is just for Mike.)

And a quick note to Mike…I would really like “something” done for my birthday next year. So I’m giving you lots of notice and time to plan…Chop chop!


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