10 Years…I Miss you Dad!

Published September 13, 2011 by S

10 years ago today, my father passed away.

I miss him just as much today as I did that first day. There will be days when I will think of him, and still have to remind myself that he’s gone.

I feel sad everytime I think of the things that he has missed being a part of.  My highschool graduation, my first job, my wedding, and my kids most of all.

I see him in my kids though.  Mostly in small ways, but to me they are unmistakable. I see him in the way my daughter squints her eyes when she smiles, and I see his personality in my son from time to time.  He was always ready for a good laugh, or to sing along with the radio.

When I was a kid, he was always a phone call away. If I needed a ride somewhere or forgot my house key he’d be home in a flash to help me out. He would take me bowling or to the driving range…even to the Fort Erie racetrack when the weather was nice.

I remember him teaching me to tie my shoes, and how to catch a pop-fly. He drove me to all my piano and horseback riding lessons and came on school trips whenever his schedule allowed. Some of my happiest memories were of us just driving in the car belting out classic songs like “American Pie” or “Hard Days Night”.   He was always so great with my friends. He would treat us to McMuffins after sleepovers, and drive us to the movies.

I was so proud of him for starting his own business and also for going back to school in his 40’s to become a Palliative Care worker.  He had a big heart and so many people came up to me at his funeral and told stories of how he helped them out of some really tough places in life.

I love my Dad.  It doesn’t matter that he’s not alive and living on Earth, I still love him.

Dad in his "Magnum PI" phase...circa 1990

Christmas Morning 1995...see the father/daughter coke bottles?! LoL

RIP Daddy!

~Sept 7, 1950 – Sept 13, 2001~

A most familiar pose to anyone that knew him


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