Happy Halloween!

Published October 31, 2011 by S

Happy Halloween my friends!  I don’t have much to say, but wanted to share a few pictures.  But first…

My musical holiday tribute!

Now for my family pictures!

On Saturday my Mom came to spend the day with us.  I thought that she would enjoy helping us carve our pumpkin since she hasn’t done that in at least 15 years, or at least since I stopped needing supervision with knives.)  She also made a valuable assistant when creating my 7ft tall prop (which you will see in the pictures!

No matter how old she gets...its still ALL about the plastic bowl hat with her!

Even Grandma got in on it =)

"Gutting" the guest of honour!

Happy Jack!

Jack decided to play with Grandmas camera...Hi Daddy!

I traced and Mike Carved

Finished product...The design was Haylee's choice out of the stencil book.

Light effects

"My Spoon is to big!" ... "I am a Banana!"

Now for the actual Halloween night Costume pics!

I vant to suck your Blood!!!

Family shot as we head out for Trick or Treating

Fun times were had by all, and lots of sugary treats were obtained!

I hope the rest of you have a safe and happy Halloween!


PS – If anyone is curious about the spoon and banana thing check out the link below:

~Rejected by the Amazing Don Hertzfeld~


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