New Leaf

Published November 8, 2011 by S

So I’ve been keeping pretty quiet the last few weeks.  But I figure its time to get back to it…

So here are my updates:

Surrogacy: we had our 3rd transfer on October 24th.  I went for the blood test yesterday and once again it came back negative.  I’ll be updating my surrogacy blog later today, but wanted to post here too.  Right now the guys do still have several embryos left, and they are planning to meet with the doctor and see what he thinks and recommends.

But at the moment I believe we are taking a short break.  The guys have a trip planned in December (very jealous of them btw!) and I feel that I need a little time off and away from all the hormones.

Life: We just keep on trucking through.  My EI came through at the perfect time, but I’m still looking and applying for pretty much any job I can.

Kids: Are doing great.  Jack is being crazy stubborn in the potty training, but we are slowly making progress.  Haylee is doing really well in school.  She’sstill adjusting to all the new kids and trying to make friends, but she seems really happy.

What’s Next:  Starting this morning I am now seriously going to work on dropping some weight.  Since starting on all the hormones and meds, I have gained some weight.  Part of it is a side effect of the hormones, and part is because I just enjoy my food so darn much!  I have a goal in mind that I want to achieve by the end of the year which gives me about 7 weeks. I’ll have to really work my butt off to meet or get close to my goal, but I want to do it.  I’ve never exactly been a “skinny” person, but I have never really been this heavy before and I worry that the extra weight might be the problem with getting pregnant.  So I’m going to do what I can to eliminate that problem…and just feel better in general.

So that’s my relatively brief update.


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