What kind of Forest?

Published February 10, 2012 by S

While our shopping with my mother for an upcoming family wedding, we made a final stop at a shoestore and came across these insulated rubber boots.


Mom: Oh! Those would be good. But I don’t know how waterproof they would be with a zipper there.

Me: Well, the zipper is a good 6 inches from the ground. I don’t think it would be a problem.

Mom: Unless I was standing in really deep puddles.

Me: Where on earth are you going to be standing in puddles deeper then 6 inches?

Mom: Oh you know. Maybe in the Pancake forest.

Me: ……the what?

Mom: You know, the pancake forest.

Me: Um…no.

Mom: Yes you do, with all the maple stuff.

Me: You mean, the Maple Sugar bush?

Mom: Ya, the pancake forest.

(and just so that you don’t think my Mom is crazy…we live in Ontario and have dedicated Maple sugar forest areas. When they start the harvest every winter they open the “Sugar Bush” to the public, giving guided tours, demonstrations and yes, pancake breakfasts all day long. Its quite a treat around here actually.)


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