Dear Hollywood, Stop ruining a Good thing!

Published June 3, 2012 by S

Ok Hollywood, and all other geographical producers of movies, and television….enough with the f***ing zombies!

Seriously! Zombies, zombie-like and rage-a-holic creatures created by some horrible genetic/viral mutation or lab experiment gone awry are so overdone it’s not even funny, or even slightly entertaining anymore!

It is mind numbing and repetitive and just needs to stop already! Yes I get that people like to be scared and grossed out, and that you all must one up each other with the “realism” you can create using your computers and make-up effects, but its done. Accept it and move on.

And while I am on the topic…stop remaking good movies and making them crappy! Sometimes the less technologically advanced originals are just better! Deal with it and stop ruining classics like Hellraiser and Footloose! Leave well enough alone!

And stop making more sequels to things that don’t need sequels!  Perfect example of something that should have been left alone?  The Freddy and Jason franchises! Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th both ended in good places…ok well they had to many sequels really because once you got past the 3rd ones they became utterly pointless…but did you really need to make Freddy VS. Jason?  Did you really have to do a crossover so amazingly horrible that totally gave the next generation of gore lovers a horrible impression of the originals so that they can’t really appreciate them at all?

And don’t even get me started on Pre-quels!  I can think of maybe 3 series that needed pre-quels, and none of them are horror movies.  When you cover the basis of the psychos issues in one or more of the original movies…I don’t think you really need the “pre-quel” to explain it properly and give the character more depth!  Freddy murdered children.  In the 3rd movie they cover why he is who he is…quite thoroughly while killing off the original heroine!  And Jason?  Well, they cover that in the very FIRST one!

I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes of the Hellraiser remake.  Its simply not Pinhead if it’s not Doug Bradley!  Just like no other actor can be as good as Robert Englund playing the role of Freddy Krueger.  (and only just now I am seeing the oddity in Johnny Depp getting sliced by Freddy’s knife hands and then later playing the lead in Edward Scissorhands.)

Did Dawn of the Dead really need to be remade?  I mean, kudos to Sarah Polley for making a comeback in such an obvious deviation from her usual roles, but really…its just Zombies being Zombies with shots to zombie Jay Leno’s head for slight comedic value.

Ok, I think I’m done.  But seriously, to all the makers of movies with their multi-million dollar budgets…how about getting back to the true art of your chosen craft and cutting back on the shock-value gore, and computer generated effects, and getting back to the real challenge of make-up and hand created special effects?  Its fast becoming a lost art form and I for one think that is a crying shame.


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