I’ll admit it…I HATED the 50 Shades books!!!

Published July 2, 2012 by S

Seriously!  I rarely use the word hate, but in this case I’ll make the exception.

I’m no stranger to a smutty book, or lets just be honest…porn for women that like to pretend they aren’t reading porn.  These 50 shades books are simply terrible!

They are not well written and the incredibly repetitive nature of the content was beyond ridiculous.  Every other page sees the “heroine” using the phrase “my inner goddess” to the point where if it was a drinking game, and you were required to take a shot every time she said it…you’d be drunk by the end of the 2nd chapter!

I forced myself to finish all three on the principle that if I have done so, then I have the right to critique them as I see fit, purely because I will know what I’m talking about!

I have read many books along the same themes as this and honestly find the novels written decades ago to be far more “stimulating”.

I have read stories by the Marquis de Sade which at the time they were written were considered to be quite scandalous.  “Justine” is definitely interesting, but by today’s standards not even close to being risque.  I picked up that one after watching the movie “Quills” several years ago, and becoming curious as to what was truly though to be daring during the reign of Marie Antoinette and then Napolean.

I would however recommend to anyone that actually argues that 50 Shades is well written, to go ahead and get a copy of the “The Story of O”.  This was written in the Mid-1900’s and I can promise you much better.

“Exit to Eden” is another that I would recommend,  written by the same Anne Rice that penned “Interview with a Vampire”, but whatever you do…avoid the movie adaptation made in the 1990’s at all costs.  Not only will you see a horrible bastardized version of a good novel, but you will also see Rosie O’Donnel and Dan Aykroyd in black leather and corsets.  The movie is NOTHING like the book and should not even be considered as viewing material.

So please dear friends…do not fall for the hype!

(And to my friends that disagree and truly like these books…I’m sorry, but this is how I feel.  To each their own I suppose.)


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