Pink Portage for Breast Cancer

Published July 10, 2012 by S

So yesterday while in Toronto for my latest IVF transfer, (click here to go to my Surrogacy blog) Mike and I saw something interesting that I grabbed a picture of, not knowing at all that there was a story behind it.

While walking down Yonge St, we happened to pass by a young man carrying a full-size Pink Canoe on his back.  As he passed I captured this picture:

I thought it was just another of the amazingly random things to be seen in downtown Toronto, but by chance I happened to mention this to my co-worker Jenn today at lunch, and she enlightened me on what this young man was really doing, and later sent me this link:

Basically, 21 year old Andrew Metcalfe is portaging across Ontario to raise money to battle Breast cancer.  His mother is a 15 year survivor, and I think this is an amazing thing he is doing to honour her and the thousands of women who battle Breast cancer every year.  As of right now Andrew has been on this journey for 38 days, covering between 20-30 km each day.

If anyone wants to add to the donations going to the Canadian Cancer Society, they can do so online at .

I wish you luck Andrew, and thank you for this amazing journey you are taking.


If you want to follow some of the activity on Twitter, follow the trend #PinkPortage


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