London Love

I’m dedicating this part of my blog to my move from The Niagara Region, to London.  I have lived in Niagara my whole life so this move is a big deal for me. So in order to get excited I’m going to make a list of reasons to look forward to this new adventure. I’ll be trying to add to this list daily, and I plan to continue to add reasons after we finish the move to show all the good things we discover.

  • Mike is moving into a better job with a company that he really enjoys working for.
  • We’ll be moving to a much bigger city, with more things to do and see
  • Closer to the school I plan to attend
  • More restaurant choices
  • There are lots of great concerts at the John Labatt Centre so we won’t have to drive 2 hrs to Toronto all the time
  • Closer to the Sparta Candle shop
  • It is still in Ontario, and not in Alberta
  • Has several hospitals familiar with Gestational Surrogacy arrangements
  • I won’t be losing my support system because there is a great group of fellow surrogates in that area who I’m already friends with! =)
  • We will be closer to an airport than we are now.
  • When we can’t decide where to go for dinner, everything is pretty much on the same road
  • I might finally be able to get a Vespa!
  • I hear there is a really awesome farmers market there.

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