Terminology and Common Abbreviations

Here is a list of terms to explain some of the short forms you will see in some of the posts.

BETA – Beta HCG Test (Pregnancy test by Blood)
BFN  – Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test result)
BFP  – Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test result)
BCP  – Birth Control Pills
CD   – Cycle day
CTX  – Contraction
CM   – Cervical Mucus
D&C  – Dilation and Curettage
DPT  – Days post transfer
ED   – Egg Donor
EDD  – Estimated Due Date
EPT  – Early Pregnancy Test
FET  – Frozen Embryo Transfer
FHR  – Fetal Heart Rate
GS   – Gestational Surrogate
HCG  – Human choronic gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone)
HPT  – Home pregnancy test
IVF  – In vitro fertilization
IF   – Intended Father
IM   – Intended Mother
M/C  – Miscarriage
NSR  – Not surrogacy related
OB   – Obstetrician
PIO  – Progesterone In Oil
POAS – Pee on a stick (using Home Pregnancy Test)
SM   – Surrogate Mother
2WW  – 2 week wait
U/S  – Ultra sound


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