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I’m a Geek and Damn Proud of it, or What I saw at my 1st Fan Expo

Published August 29, 2012 by S

So as the title says,  I’m a Geek and damn proud of it!

This week I had the chance to go to my first ever Fan Expo.  For those that aren’t sure what that means,  think Star Trek convention but not just Star Trek.  Comic Books, Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc…Its a bit of everything.

A couple of days before hand 2 of our close friends, B and A decided to come with us to Fan Ex, so we met at their place before heading downtown on the Subway.  Mike was already there since he was judging and MTG even in the city the day before, so stayed at their place rather then drive home at 1am, just to turn around and head back at 7.

While waiting for him to get out of the shower and have some breakfast I took this pic…just because.

A’s classroom frogs that she is watching for the summer.

Not to long after we left to catch the subway downtown.

B and A on the Train

Mike and I on the train

When we finally got downtown, and walked the short distance from the subway to the convention centre, it was off to wait in the long, long line to get our tickets.  They had us heading down a very long spiral ramp down under the building.  Along the way we caught our first glimpses of the dedicated costumed fans, and a few random messages written on the walls.

Treasure eh?

No treasure?

Finally after an undetermined amount of time we made it through the line, paid for our tickets and we were in!

After a bit of walking around trying to acclimate to the floorplan, we found the autograph area.  Mike split away for a bit to do some trading that he had planned to do.  While B and A went off to meet with Chris Sarandan (the voice of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas as well as Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride) as well as Nana Visitor (from DS9), I hopped into the line to meet Levar Burton!!

After waiting about 20 minutes, it was finally my turn!  I know it sounds silly, but I was as giddy as a 6 year old at Disneyworld.

Me and Mr Levar Burton

Next B and A went to meet with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown fro Back to the Future) and have their DVD’s signed, while I took the opportunity to meet Nelson Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood).  I love that show!!

Me and Nelson Ellis

B and A with Christopher Lloyd

After that we joined back up with Mike and had another look around.  Bathroom break, quick visit to the ATM and picked up tickets for the John Rhys-Davis line.

B and A met with another actor that I didn’t really know (from Battlestar Galactica I think) and then we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court area.

After lunch we made our way back to the John Rhys-Davies line which was a crazy odyssey of a line to pay, then another very long curvy line to actual meet him.

I took A’s phone to get picture for them, while they chatted and had their picture signed, but he saw Mike and I hovering and taking pics, and offered us a handshake and a few quick words.  He was a very nice man, who had a kind word for everyone through his line.  I didn’t get his autograph, but grabbed this backwards shot with A’s iPhone.

Me and John Rhys-Davies

After that we walked through all the vendors and saw a lot of really interesting looking things, and people.  For example…

Really dedicated fan

Guy in a “Gingy” costume from Shrek

Big green Head

Costume girls sitting in the middle of a hallway

Random man with Cabbages doing Photo Ops

Slash Wannabe

Really not sure why one Storm Trooper has a flaming skull

Found you! That really wasn’t to hard after all!

Apparently you can even get a tattoo at Fan Ex


There must have been at least 100 of these girls standing in one big group. It was almost scary.

There were a few more, but I think that those pictures give you the basic idea of the wonderful wackiness that is Fan Expo.

It was a really great day!

One of my new treasures, autographed by Levar Burton

Nellis Ellis autographed photo of his character “Lafayette Reynolds” on True Blood

Me and the Delorean from “Back to the Future”

Backwards shot taken on the escalator on the way out. Bye bye Fan Expo!

After that we walked back to the subway to drop off our stuff and B and A’s apartment before heading to  “Earth“, the awesome Indian restaurant a couple of blocks away.  It was delicious as always.

Indian appetizers. Spicy paneer, Pankora, and Veggie Samosa served with 2 kinds of chutney.

Little bit of everything. Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, Beef Jhalfrezy, Mushroom Peas and Paneer, Paneer Tikka Marsala, served with Rice and Naan

It was all so delicious that a single helping was not an option. B and Mike also enjoyed their “Cheetah” beer, and A her Lechee martini.

After that it was time to head home.

We all had a great time, and I can’t wait until my next Fan event experience!! I have a jar all ready to start saving up.









Happy Halloween!

Published October 31, 2011 by S

Happy Halloween my friends!  I don’t have much to say, but wanted to share a few pictures.  But first…

My musical holiday tribute!

Now for my family pictures!

On Saturday my Mom came to spend the day with us.  I thought that she would enjoy helping us carve our pumpkin since she hasn’t done that in at least 15 years, or at least since I stopped needing supervision with knives.)  She also made a valuable assistant when creating my 7ft tall prop (which you will see in the pictures!

No matter how old she gets...its still ALL about the plastic bowl hat with her!

Even Grandma got in on it =)

"Gutting" the guest of honour!

Happy Jack!

Jack decided to play with Grandmas camera...Hi Daddy!

I traced and Mike Carved

Finished product...The design was Haylee's choice out of the stencil book.

Light effects

"My Spoon is to big!" ... "I am a Banana!"

Now for the actual Halloween night Costume pics!

I vant to suck your Blood!!!

Family shot as we head out for Trick or Treating

Fun times were had by all, and lots of sugary treats were obtained!

I hope the rest of you have a safe and happy Halloween!


PS – If anyone is curious about the spoon and banana thing check out the link below:

~Rejected by the Amazing Don Hertzfeld~

. . . In Bed

Published February 8, 2011 by S

At work last week, we had 2 people visiting from another branch.  On Fridays, as a group we usually order a special Take-Out lunch, with last Fridays choice falling to me.  When given the choice, I usually choose Chinese food, since it’s not something we often enjoy at home.

In Welland, there is this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant called Star Rose. For about $8.00 you can choose any one of the chosen Meals for One on the back of the take-out menu.  The portions are ridiculously large, and often there is enough to either split between 2 people, or to make 2 meals for yourself.  My choice is usually the #9: Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken balls, and an Egg Roll.  Doesn’t sound like much, but trust me…’s more than enough!

Anyways, so lunch was obtained and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Then came time for the Fortune Cookies.

Liz (one of the visitors) told us to read our fortunes and then add “…in bed” to the end of the fortune.  This provided quite a few laughs amongst us, so I thought I would share this little game with you, and post pictures of a few of the fortunes I have gotten over the last few month. 

I didn’t really know why I was keeping them….but I guess now I do!  When you read, Don’t forget to add “. . . in bed!”


"Others admire your Independance"

(top) "A special moment lies ahead" (middle) "You have a natural grace and consideration for others" (bottom) "You are able to analyze objectively and express yourself clearly"

Truly Stupid Websites (that made me laugh my ass off!)

Published January 26, 2011 by S

Ok,  so for the last few weeks I have been trolling the internet.  I clicked on random links, links posted on message boards (that I normally wouldn’t click on), ads posted in the sidebars of Facebook and other websites….and all kinds of things I never really used to do.  But it has proven to be a never ending source of amusement, and thanks to my Iphone, it has alleviated some of my boredom during the long periods of inactivity while at work.

So, I thought I would share a few of the things I have come across in my web travels.  Some you may know, and some you may not, but I hope that each one will either make you chuckle, Laugh Out Loud, or do the ever classic:

1) Damn You Auto Correct (damnyouautocorrect. com)  – Features images of humourous text messages sent from phones that have an “auto-correct” feature, which really just translates to you phone changing words to whatever the hell it wants to.

2) Litter Robot ( – a website selling cat litter boxes that are shaped like freaky little japanese robot pods….I’m sorry but this is purely a *face palm* if I ever saw one!

3) Work LOL’s ( – similar to Damn You Auto Correct, but pictures of some crazy things they find/see at work.

4) Jesus Gets Around ( – images of Jesus, and some wacky Jesus related products, and all the many places they pop up in the world

5) Why did you buy me that? ( – site dedicated to people posting the worst gifts they have received….there are some pretty bad ones on there….although I have to say that I wouldn’t mind the crazy penis statue in a hula skirt…

There are so many more, but I would encourage you to have an adventure of your own.  If you find anything that makes you say WTF? or actually LOL, please let me know, because we can all use a good laugh every now and then.

Love Actually

Published January 5, 2011 by S

Is an awesome movie!

It’s made and set in England in 2004, and has the most RANDOM cast of actors….Keira Knightly, Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Liam Niesen, Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, etc….

It has funny moments, sappy moments of unrequited love, the sex crazed young man with a backpack full of condoms and a plane ticket to Wisconcin, random nudity…..and paper mache lobsters, and a pretty decent soundtrack.

What’s not to like?

My Top 5

Published December 13, 2010 by S

So today I found out the official release date for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is set for May 20, 2011.  I”M SO EXCITED!  I know most of my friends will not share my enthusiasm, but you know what?  I don’t care because I love it!

And i’m sure that many of you who know me well will just smile and nod, and say “Here she goes again about Johnny Depp!”

And you’d be right, mostly.  Where is the real harm in my obsession with Johnny Depp?  I’m not some psycho-freak that wants to stalk him, and think that “if he just gets to know me, he’ll love me!”.  I truly do appreciate his acting, and if he happens to be sexy too…..well where is the harm in admiring that too?

But seriously, he is an incredible actor.  He jumps all around to different genres, and is a very expressive man, in both face and form.  The one thing that always amazes me are his hands.  With or without props, he always manages to do something with his hands, and makes it look natural.  You’d be surprised how often an actor has to hold a cup, or some other object, simply because they can’t make their hands look normal.

But I digress….I started this blog post to be about Celebrity Crushes and about crushes it shall be!

So here is my Top 5 list of my Celebrity Crushes.

#1 Johnny Depp – I think that speaks for itself!  He even makes “disgusting pirate” seem sexy to me…


 #2 Alexander Skarsgard better known as Eric Northman from True Blood.  Nothing better than a tall, blond, Viking of a Vampire. Mmm!


#3 Christian Bale – Very versatile actor, and quite pleasing to the eyes.


#4 David Boreanez – Loved him as the brooding Angel, theVampire with a soul, and still love him as Seely Booth in the show Bones.

#5 Patrick Stewart – Yes!  I said it!  Captain Picard!  Not so much for the looks, but seriously have you heard the voice?

So that’s my Top 5….

Dr Tran, Foamy the Squirrel, and other Internet Wonders

Published November 26, 2010 by S

Ok, so deep down inside I can be a little Geeky at times. Various friends over the years have introduced me to several interesting Internet comics and cartoon short series that I just keep coming back to time and time again.

Dr. Tran is one of those Series. This internet cartoon that is created by “Lone Sausage Productions” and features a 5 yr old cartoon Asian boy who is continually being harassed by a “Voice”. This Voice claims that Tran is the star of thousands of movies, and that despite the little boys objections…is in fact a real Doctor with a PhD in Kicking Your Ass! As you can tell the humour behind this is a little off colour, but I find the whole thing amazingly creative. The voice has apparently created a whole Dr. Tran francise of movies, and products all covered in the Tran face. Even Tran’s friend Leland (whose head is mysteriously shaped like a cough drop) believes Tran to be all that his products say he is….and despite all his attempts to deny his fame Tran just can’t win against the Voice….or the Chicken that keeps trying to get gum.

Next on my list of favourite internet cartoons is Foamy the Squirrel produced by “Ill Will Press”. This cartoon features a purple haired girl named Germaine that for some reason lives with several squirrels that range from truly crazy to just plain Paranoid (and all speak English by the way). Foamy is the “head” squirrel and along with his little friends Pill-z (a squirrel with massive ADHD), and the Hatta’ (a black squirrel always fighting the man) he has many ridiculous adventures that range from buying a toaster from the Amityville Horror house, to just ranting on any and every topic imaginable. …so there really is something for everyone with this one.

And as for my all time favourite there are the amazing award winning Short Cartoons of Don Hertzfeld. Don’s cartoons are amazing to me in that they feature mostly stick figures, and have never really failed to give me a good laugh time and time again. The best one by far is “Rejected”, but I also like the one about “Movie Genres”. Most of these are several minutes long and often feature stick-rabbits.

And I think that Strongbad also deserves an Honourable Mention on my list….or rather “Teen Girl Squad” which is featured on Strongbad. In this cartoon you will find a mish-mash of characters sharing a house where Strongbad (who resembles a Mexican wrestler) seems to be in charge. He and his friends Home Star Runner, StrongSad, and of course “The Cheat” (who resembles a sack of cheese) go through their day to day lives in a style similar to MTV’s The Real World. In many of the episodes you will just see Strongbad sitting at his late 80’s style computer answering questions from his “fans”.

In other episodes you will see the animated versions of Strongbads attempts at drawing a cartoon. Teen Girl Squad features 4 stick figure girls…The Cheerleader, What’s-Her-Face, So-and-So, and The-Ugly-One. Basically they are just making fun of stereotypes, but i see a secret message behind it all of how everyone can be friends despite their “labels”. Most of the story lines in these shorts are filled in with very random objects appearing, or nonsensical phrases being uttered, but always good for a quick laugh. 

And finally something that has nothing to do with cartoons at all, but something that I have to share with as many people as possible is the amazing wonder that is “Yatta”. Years ago, before he was my brother in law, Adam showed us a video made by a Japanese boy band named “Green L”, or at least that’s what we think they are because the video is in Japanese after all. But basically its a music video that was made featuring clips from live concerts and other recorded clips. It is my mission to have as many people see this as possible, and the fact that they were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of years ago doesn’t hurt!

…so Enjoy!

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