A couple days of Pictures.

Published July 21, 2011 by S

I noticed I’ve taken quite a few pictures the last 2 days so thought I’d share some of the here.  I have no rhyme or reason for most of them, just random pictures.

On Wednesday the kids and I needed a ‘down’ day.  We had been doing a lot of running around for the last week and it was a much needed rest.

Jacks found a new favourite spot

After Haylee’s karate class last night, we finally managed to get the kids hair cut. Jack sat amazingly still for the stylist.  She just couldn’t get over how well he bahaved for the whole thing.  Apparantly I have the best 3 year old boy ever to walk in that place.

Jack rocking his new "Faux'-hawk

When we got home Haylee tried on her new “Gi”.  Her last Dojo had all the kids in White, and I can’t say I’m going to miss cleaning it!  LoL

She is now my little Bumblebee!

That's my little Ninja!

Today we had a lot of running around to do again.  A trip to Burlington and then back to our other house in Niagara.  Thank goodness for working air-conditioning in the Van!  Here’s a shot of the weather info for my new home city.

Ya...so glad I'm not pregnant yet on a day like today.

On the way home though I saw a crazy scene on the highway.

Tractor Trailer on fire...SCARY!


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