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I’m a Geek and Damn Proud of it, or What I saw at my 1st Fan Expo

Published August 29, 2012 by S

So as the title says,  I’m a Geek and damn proud of it!

This week I had the chance to go to my first ever Fan Expo.  For those that aren’t sure what that means,  think Star Trek convention but not just Star Trek.  Comic Books, Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc…Its a bit of everything.

A couple of days before hand 2 of our close friends, B and A decided to come with us to Fan Ex, so we met at their place before heading downtown on the Subway.  Mike was already there since he was judging and MTG even in the city the day before, so stayed at their place rather then drive home at 1am, just to turn around and head back at 7.

While waiting for him to get out of the shower and have some breakfast I took this pic…just because.

A’s classroom frogs that she is watching for the summer.

Not to long after we left to catch the subway downtown.

B and A on the Train

Mike and I on the train

When we finally got downtown, and walked the short distance from the subway to the convention centre, it was off to wait in the long, long line to get our tickets.  They had us heading down a very long spiral ramp down under the building.  Along the way we caught our first glimpses of the dedicated costumed fans, and a few random messages written on the walls.

Treasure eh?

No treasure?

Finally after an undetermined amount of time we made it through the line, paid for our tickets and we were in!

After a bit of walking around trying to acclimate to the floorplan, we found the autograph area.  Mike split away for a bit to do some trading that he had planned to do.  While B and A went off to meet with Chris Sarandan (the voice of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas as well as Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride) as well as Nana Visitor (from DS9), I hopped into the line to meet Levar Burton!!

After waiting about 20 minutes, it was finally my turn!  I know it sounds silly, but I was as giddy as a 6 year old at Disneyworld.

Me and Mr Levar Burton

Next B and A went to meet with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown fro Back to the Future) and have their DVD’s signed, while I took the opportunity to meet Nelson Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood).  I love that show!!

Me and Nelson Ellis

B and A with Christopher Lloyd

After that we joined back up with Mike and had another look around.  Bathroom break, quick visit to the ATM and picked up tickets for the John Rhys-Davis line.

B and A met with another actor that I didn’t really know (from Battlestar Galactica I think) and then we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court area.

After lunch we made our way back to the John Rhys-Davies line which was a crazy odyssey of a line to pay, then another very long curvy line to actual meet him.

I took A’s phone to get picture for them, while they chatted and had their picture signed, but he saw Mike and I hovering and taking pics, and offered us a handshake and a few quick words.  He was a very nice man, who had a kind word for everyone through his line.  I didn’t get his autograph, but grabbed this backwards shot with A’s iPhone.

Me and John Rhys-Davies

After that we walked through all the vendors and saw a lot of really interesting looking things, and people.  For example…

Really dedicated fan

Guy in a “Gingy” costume from Shrek

Big green Head

Costume girls sitting in the middle of a hallway

Random man with Cabbages doing Photo Ops

Slash Wannabe

Really not sure why one Storm Trooper has a flaming skull

Found you! That really wasn’t to hard after all!

Apparently you can even get a tattoo at Fan Ex


There must have been at least 100 of these girls standing in one big group. It was almost scary.

There were a few more, but I think that those pictures give you the basic idea of the wonderful wackiness that is Fan Expo.

It was a really great day!

One of my new treasures, autographed by Levar Burton

Nellis Ellis autographed photo of his character “Lafayette Reynolds” on True Blood

Me and the Delorean from “Back to the Future”

Backwards shot taken on the escalator on the way out. Bye bye Fan Expo!

After that we walked back to the subway to drop off our stuff and B and A’s apartment before heading to  “Earth“, the awesome Indian restaurant a couple of blocks away.  It was delicious as always.

Indian appetizers. Spicy paneer, Pankora, and Veggie Samosa served with 2 kinds of chutney.

Little bit of everything. Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, Beef Jhalfrezy, Mushroom Peas and Paneer, Paneer Tikka Marsala, served with Rice and Naan

It was all so delicious that a single helping was not an option. B and Mike also enjoyed their “Cheetah” beer, and A her Lechee martini.

After that it was time to head home.

We all had a great time, and I can’t wait until my next Fan event experience!! I have a jar all ready to start saving up.









What kind of Forest?

Published February 10, 2012 by S

While our shopping with my mother for an upcoming family wedding, we made a final stop at a shoestore and came across these insulated rubber boots.


Mom: Oh! Those would be good. But I don’t know how waterproof they would be with a zipper there.

Me: Well, the zipper is a good 6 inches from the ground. I don’t think it would be a problem.

Mom: Unless I was standing in really deep puddles.

Me: Where on earth are you going to be standing in puddles deeper then 6 inches?

Mom: Oh you know. Maybe in the Pancake forest.

Me: ……the what?

Mom: You know, the pancake forest.

Me: Um…no.

Mom: Yes you do, with all the maple stuff.

Me: You mean, the Maple Sugar bush?

Mom: Ya, the pancake forest.

(and just so that you don’t think my Mom is crazy…we live in Ontario and have dedicated Maple sugar forest areas. When they start the harvest every winter they open the “Sugar Bush” to the public, giving guided tours, demonstrations and yes, pancake breakfasts all day long. Its quite a treat around here actually.)

Yarrrr Matey!

Published September 19, 2011 by S

Todays post is in honour of “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”.  Why?  Because pirates are freaking awesome! Swashbuckling, sword fighting, rum drinking…what’s not to like?

Fun Pirate Facts

(from: The Pirate Ship)

  • The Jolly Roger flag, with its black background and white skull and crossbones, was designed to be scary. This flag was not used by all pirates, usually it was only flown by those sailing in the Spanish Main.
  • Pirates believed that wearing pierced earrings would improve their eyesight
  • Pirates believed that having women on board their ship was bad luck. They also believed that whistling on a ship would cause the weather to turn stormy (as in ‘to whistle up a storm’).
  • Pirates would take over island ports and make them a safe haven for pirates.
  • Almost all pirates stole their ships because they couldn’t buy ships incase they got caught and sent to jail. Once they had taken over a ship they had to convert it for pirate life, this usually meant making more room for sailors to live on board and strengthening the decks to hold the weight of the heavy cannons.
  • Ships sailing on their own often sailed close to warships or joined other convoys of ships to protect themselves from pirates. Pirates could only attack one ship at a time, so if the sailors traveled in groups there was less chance of their boat being the one that was attacked.
  • Pirate Captain’s would change out of their expensive, flashy clothes if there was a chance they might be captured. This way they could pretend they where only one of the crew, and not somebody important and hopefully escape.
  • Pirates probably didn’t have talking parrots.
  • Although pirates have been around since the 15th century, most pirating happened between 1690 and 1720.
  • On the Caribbean island of St Thomas you will find a place called ‘Black Beard’s Castle’. It is believed that this is where the famous pirate spent many hours looking out for approaching ships.
And for all you feminists out there, yes there were famous female pirates who I’m pretty sure would cut your throat if you called them a “wench”.
If you have any interest in reading about them you can find a bit about them on each of the following links:
A Biography of Mary Read
A Biography of Anne Bonny
And now I’ll end with a couple of pictures of some of my favourite pirates.  Enjoy….or prepare to walk the plank!

Jack Sparrow (of course!)

Will Turner

Wesley aka The Dread Pirate Roberts

Steve the Pirate

Jack the Undead Demon Pirate Monkey

Happy Birth (party) Day Mikey!

Published September 3, 2011 by S

So today we had a party to celebrate Mike’s upcoming 30th birthday.  We had an interesting mix of our family and friends make the trip out here to celebrate with us.  Thank you to everyone who came, and I hope to see you all again soon.

I didn’t take many pictures like I had planned, but I thought I’d post a few that I did.

Happy (almost) birthday Mike!  I love you!

The Cake. Haylee helped to decorate it. =)

Notice how it matches her PJ's?


Mike said he didn't want candles...so I guess he has to wish on the star.

Anti-Monopoly - Voted best party game of 2011?

It really is called "Anti-Monopoly". (refer all questions to Mike.)

Happy birthday Mike!

Yes, I let him cop a feel...it is his party after all! LOL

Me in my pretty new top, that I somehow managed to keep clean even though I did the BBQing.

I splurged on some special Goat cheese. Cranberry (left) and Dill (right). Delicious!

This started as a joke...Mike loves Bran muffins, so I told him the other day I would make him a cake made of bran muffin mix. I had meant for his actual birthday since I didn't think it would go over well with our guests, but Mike decided to make it anyway...so Bran Cake for all! (PS the cake in the first picture is a French Vanilla cake, and is what was actually served to our guests...the bran is just for Mike.)

And a quick note to Mike…I would really like “something” done for my birthday next year. So I’m giving you lots of notice and time to plan…Chop chop!

A movie is like an old friend

Published July 30, 2011 by S

Many of us have a favourite movie.  Even more of us have more than one favourite.

Some movies make us happy, others make us sad, and for some of us it’s not just the content of those movies that evokes an emotion, but often the time and events surrounding the first time we saw that particular film. Like a smell or a picture, it will forever be a reminder of times gone by.

When I was a child it was Disney movies with their happy endings. I dreamed of being a real life princess.  Dancing with my prince, or flying on a magic carpet…anything was possible and that is an important thing to know and feel at that age.  When I watch those movies with my kids now I remember that feeling of wonder and amazement.  I honestly feel again that anything is possible.

A I got to my teens, I fell for musicals, again with happy endings, and full of what is meant to be spontaneous song and dance.  Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Footloose were among my favourites. When I see these movies now, I remember how they gave me a sense of “romance” and dreaming that real life heroes existed for us “normal” girls.  Someone would always come along, no matter what you wore, or what group you belonged to, and ask you to dance.  Someone would always come and rescue you from being the outcast or the last one left without a partner.

In my later teen years I was drawn to movies with no real substance.  I have always been a fan of classic movies, starring classic actors like Cary Grant, and Katherine Hepburn, but in my late teens I turned aside from those cinema pioneers, and embraced movies starring Adam Sandler, or Brendan Fraser.  Movies like Billy Madison or American Pie (with its sequels of course) that had no real point other then to give comedic relief and sexual hilarity.

Even in these movies I can find a useful purpose.  They were popular at a time when we were supposed to be becoming responsible adults.  I think they help you to remember to have fun in a world that can sometimes be to serious.

Even as I entered my 20’s, I still clung to these old favourites and their happy memories, but found new favourites.  Movies based on history, hardship and still the theme of love.  People growing up and having families seemed more prominent in these movies.  Romantic comedies, and more serious dramas.

I came to appreciate movies like “The Painted Veil” and “The Man who Cried”.  Both rather dramatic movies taking place in the early 1900’s. Bits of history thrown in around romantic story lines showing hardship, but love still conquering all.  Showing the reality of war, but still that people continue to love and live even with all that horror around them.

Not all of my favourites have a point though.  I love Hellraiser, and can’t get enough of Lord of the Rings. I cried watching “Reign over Me” and I still enjoy the ridiculous cowboy antics of Indiana Jones.

But even those movies still evoke a memory or two of my feelings the first time I watched. I remember watching Indiana Jones with my dad (who passed away almost 10 years ago now) and I remember Mike taking me for our first date to the drive-in and seeing “A Knights Tale”.

And let me tell you…watching movies with zombie babies in them when you are 5 months pregnant with your first child will forever turn you off Zombie thrillers.

So as the title of this post says…a movie can be like an old friend.  It was there for you when you needed it, it never changes, and will always be there for you again when you need or want it there.

And who doesn’t love just channel surfing on a boring afternoon and finding that amazing old friend unexpectedly again.


Happy Birthday Canada

Published July 1, 2011 by S

Today my beautiful Canada is 144 years old. I am a first generation Canadian and am proud to have been born here.

Sure Canada has it’s fair share of problems (like Stephen Harper and HST taxes) but there is a lot to be happy and grateful for.

I won’t go into the crazy pro/con list of what makes Canada great but I will say this…

My name is Sara! And I am Canadian! (btw, whatever happened to Joe anyway?)

I wanted to post a link to a stand up routine starring William Shatner but due to issues with our internet i only have my cell phone, and i am unable to post video from my phone…so I will update when I have real Internet again.

If interested go to Google and type “William Shatner I am Canadian” as your search and watch the video that comes up.

Happy Canada day to all my Canuck Peeps! Enjoy a poutine for me!

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