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I’m a Geek and Damn Proud of it, or What I saw at my 1st Fan Expo

Published August 29, 2012 by S

So as the title says,  I’m a Geek and damn proud of it!

This week I had the chance to go to my first ever Fan Expo.  For those that aren’t sure what that means,  think Star Trek convention but not just Star Trek.  Comic Books, Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc…Its a bit of everything.

A couple of days before hand 2 of our close friends, B and A decided to come with us to Fan Ex, so we met at their place before heading downtown on the Subway.  Mike was already there since he was judging and MTG even in the city the day before, so stayed at their place rather then drive home at 1am, just to turn around and head back at 7.

While waiting for him to get out of the shower and have some breakfast I took this pic…just because.

A’s classroom frogs that she is watching for the summer.

Not to long after we left to catch the subway downtown.

B and A on the Train

Mike and I on the train

When we finally got downtown, and walked the short distance from the subway to the convention centre, it was off to wait in the long, long line to get our tickets.  They had us heading down a very long spiral ramp down under the building.  Along the way we caught our first glimpses of the dedicated costumed fans, and a few random messages written on the walls.

Treasure eh?

No treasure?

Finally after an undetermined amount of time we made it through the line, paid for our tickets and we were in!

After a bit of walking around trying to acclimate to the floorplan, we found the autograph area.  Mike split away for a bit to do some trading that he had planned to do.  While B and A went off to meet with Chris Sarandan (the voice of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas as well as Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride) as well as Nana Visitor (from DS9), I hopped into the line to meet Levar Burton!!

After waiting about 20 minutes, it was finally my turn!  I know it sounds silly, but I was as giddy as a 6 year old at Disneyworld.

Me and Mr Levar Burton

Next B and A went to meet with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown fro Back to the Future) and have their DVD’s signed, while I took the opportunity to meet Nelson Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood).  I love that show!!

Me and Nelson Ellis

B and A with Christopher Lloyd

After that we joined back up with Mike and had another look around.  Bathroom break, quick visit to the ATM and picked up tickets for the John Rhys-Davis line.

B and A met with another actor that I didn’t really know (from Battlestar Galactica I think) and then we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court area.

After lunch we made our way back to the John Rhys-Davies line which was a crazy odyssey of a line to pay, then another very long curvy line to actual meet him.

I took A’s phone to get picture for them, while they chatted and had their picture signed, but he saw Mike and I hovering and taking pics, and offered us a handshake and a few quick words.  He was a very nice man, who had a kind word for everyone through his line.  I didn’t get his autograph, but grabbed this backwards shot with A’s iPhone.

Me and John Rhys-Davies

After that we walked through all the vendors and saw a lot of really interesting looking things, and people.  For example…

Really dedicated fan

Guy in a “Gingy” costume from Shrek

Big green Head

Costume girls sitting in the middle of a hallway

Random man with Cabbages doing Photo Ops

Slash Wannabe

Really not sure why one Storm Trooper has a flaming skull

Found you! That really wasn’t to hard after all!

Apparently you can even get a tattoo at Fan Ex


There must have been at least 100 of these girls standing in one big group. It was almost scary.

There were a few more, but I think that those pictures give you the basic idea of the wonderful wackiness that is Fan Expo.

It was a really great day!

One of my new treasures, autographed by Levar Burton

Nellis Ellis autographed photo of his character “Lafayette Reynolds” on True Blood

Me and the Delorean from “Back to the Future”

Backwards shot taken on the escalator on the way out. Bye bye Fan Expo!

After that we walked back to the subway to drop off our stuff and B and A’s apartment before heading to  “Earth“, the awesome Indian restaurant a couple of blocks away.  It was delicious as always.

Indian appetizers. Spicy paneer, Pankora, and Veggie Samosa served with 2 kinds of chutney.

Little bit of everything. Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, Beef Jhalfrezy, Mushroom Peas and Paneer, Paneer Tikka Marsala, served with Rice and Naan

It was all so delicious that a single helping was not an option. B and Mike also enjoyed their “Cheetah” beer, and A her Lechee martini.

After that it was time to head home.

We all had a great time, and I can’t wait until my next Fan event experience!! I have a jar all ready to start saving up.









One step closer to Old…or how I spent my 30th birthday (heavy on the pictures!)

Published August 23, 2012 by S

So, I am officially in my 30’s. I have lived 3 decades on this planet, and am now the age that my Mother was when she had me.

My husband had planned a surprise for me for the evening. My only knowledge was the email he sent me last Friday telling me that I needed to have “something fancy” and be quick getting ready after work. After asking questions to determine the level of fancy I settled on this dress that I wore 2 summers ago to my best friend’s wedding, but different shoes though. It’s rare that I find a dress that I really like, so I’m glad I held on to this one.

I really love this dress!

I managed to leave work an hour early to come home and get ready. (Thanks Jenn!!) Not much to do really except shave my legs, but well, I’m a woman and I wanted to fiddle with my hair as well. I really suck at doing my own hair, so it just stayed down and got a good brushing and that was that. Half way through dressing Mike called to say he was running late and could I pick up Jack from daycare…so I hurried to throw on the first thing I could find as I was only half-dressed and brought Jack home.  When I got home my beautiful daughter brought me a rose from the garden.

Anyways, Mike was just a few minutes behind me and obliged in zipping me up before heading out. So we hopped on the QEW and headed to Niagara Falls. Part way there Mike needed me to look up which street we needed to access the parking lot, so I learned then that he had made a reservation in the Revolving restaurant in the Skylon tower. *INSERT GLEEFUL SQUEELING HERE*

Skylon Tower (Niagara Falls, On)

I had totally forgotten that years ago when we started dating I told Mike I’d love to go there sometime. It took 11 years, but he remembered this whole time, and scored some major Husband points for this surprise.

So we got to the Skylon, and took good ol’ elevator number 3 up to the restaurant. We didn’t have to wait long before we were seated right next to the window. We did ask the Maitre D to take a picture of us together though first, since we never get all dressed up just for fun, and even then we really never get a picture or us together. Between the 2 of us we took a lot of pictures tonight. The weather was amazing and view perfectly clear so we did manage some really nice shots.


Ok, now food. The nights special was Surf and Turf. An 8oz angus steak along with a 5 lb Lobster tail. Mike is more of a crab guy, and I’ve never been a fan of seafood, but I’ll admit I did hem and haw at giving it another go. The menu did a really good job of selling it after all.


Mike – Diet coke (no ice!)

Me – Peach Bellini (Jamaican rum blended with fresh peaches and topped with champagne)


Mike – A Scallop dish

Me – Tomato and Cucumber Salad (w/boccechini cheese and olives) in a herbed oil dressing

Main Course:

Mike – Grilled Salmon served on Rice with steamed Veggies, and a side of Mushrooms

Me – Angus steak (Medium rare) with potato and veggies  (Yes, I’m a carnivore!  Deal with it!  lol)

Totally delicious!! I can’t remember the last time I stuffed myself like that.

As we ate we enjoyed the amazing view.  We spend a lot of time down there, but its a whole new thing seeing it from up above like that. Here are a bunch of those pictures.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Mike and the Rainbow

American Falls, and the Rainbow Bridge

Clifton Hill (from the back)


In the bar area (near the elevator bay) they have a pianist playing for the dinner guests.  You only hear him for 1/4 of the time you are there because once you go past a certain point in the rotation you are cut off from him.  He played some interesting medleys and interpretations of well known songs.  Among them I recognized “All I ask of you” from The Phantom of the Opera, The song from Charlie Browns Christmas movie, and of course…Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. There were also rather normal versions of classics like “Embrace me”, and “A Kiss is still a Kiss”.

I will forever think of him as “Piano Man”

We decided to skip dessert since I was just to full to even consider it, and planned to go walking the tourist area a bit and then stop at my favourite Williams Coffee Pub for a slice of cheesecake on the way home.  Don’t even get me started on the elevator operator with the crazy long hair, and mustache telling jokes and making odd comments the whole way down.

On the way back to the car we caught part of this summers “Spectacle”.  Since the whole thing with Nick Walenda walking a tightrope over the falls this summer, they started having this other guy do a nightly walk from the top of the Skylon across to the top of the Hilton hotel.  Yes he is wearing a tether.



It was quite the attraction.  There were people randomly standing in groups watching, and even a family sitting on lawnchairs in the middle of a parking lot next to their RV.




So after watching that for a couple of minutes, we drove to Clifton Hill, and parked behind the shop where Mike used to work. We ran in to say a quick hello to his old boss (Hi Mandi!) and then headed out on the Hill. Just walked in and out of a few shops and then up and down the hill once enjoying the perfect weather.

Just as we got back to the car, I got a birthday call from my big brother, and after a quick chat we headed across town to Williams. Just as we got there I got a call from my Nana, but eventually we made it in and ordered. Mike got a special cookie and a Coke Zero, while I chose a slice of White Chocolate Mousse cake to go.

Next stop on the way home was quite random. Mike had to stop at the card/collectibles shop he go to for tournaments to have a quick chat with the owner about something. When we got there we ran into our amazing friend Karl (Love ya Karl!). While Mike chatted to the owner, I rummaged through a bin labelled “Retro Collectibles” and to my delight found an unopened Geordi LaForge figurine!

Ya baby! Ya!

Now, I’m a pretty big Trekkie so this to me was awesome, especially since on Sunday Mike and I are headed to “Fan Expo” in Toronto where Mr. Levar Burton is scheduled to appear.

So anyways, I picked it up and turned around to have this conversation with Karl:

Me: This is awesome! And he’s going to be at Fan Expo this weekend!

Karl: Want me to buy it for you for your birthday?

Me: Really? That would be awesome! You sure?

Karl: Yup.

So that’s how I ended up with a 1988 unopened Geordi LaForge figurine. It is my first piece of real memorabilia, and if I’m lucky I just might get it signed on Sunday. Maybe not, but I’m going to try!

I also seem to have impressed the store owner with my Trekkie leanings, so I think I’m in the circle of trust now.

Next stop…

Because no evening with us is complete with Walmart!

So we randomly stopped at Wal-Mart for a fridge calendar, and then again at…

…that’s right, Sobey’s, to get the soap that we didn’t think to buy at Wal-Mart.

And after all that, I came home to regale my Mom with the tales of this evenings adventures and to thank her for watching the kids while Mike took me out.

Thank you Mikey for my very special birthday surprise! It was amazing!

Happy Birth (party) Day Mikey!

Published September 3, 2011 by S

So today we had a party to celebrate Mike’s upcoming 30th birthday.  We had an interesting mix of our family and friends make the trip out here to celebrate with us.  Thank you to everyone who came, and I hope to see you all again soon.

I didn’t take many pictures like I had planned, but I thought I’d post a few that I did.

Happy (almost) birthday Mike!  I love you!

The Cake. Haylee helped to decorate it. =)

Notice how it matches her PJ's?


Mike said he didn't want I guess he has to wish on the star.

Anti-Monopoly - Voted best party game of 2011?

It really is called "Anti-Monopoly". (refer all questions to Mike.)

Happy birthday Mike!

Yes, I let him cop a is his party after all! LOL

Me in my pretty new top, that I somehow managed to keep clean even though I did the BBQing.

I splurged on some special Goat cheese. Cranberry (left) and Dill (right). Delicious!

This started as a joke...Mike loves Bran muffins, so I told him the other day I would make him a cake made of bran muffin mix. I had meant for his actual birthday since I didn't think it would go over well with our guests, but Mike decided to make it Bran Cake for all! (PS the cake in the first picture is a French Vanilla cake, and is what was actually served to our guests...the bran is just for Mike.)

And a quick note to Mike…I would really like “something” done for my birthday next year. So I’m giving you lots of notice and time to plan…Chop chop!

Did you miss me?

Published August 31, 2011 by S

Well if you didn’t miss me, I missed me.  I think its good to have a little self-love every now and then (and I’m not talking in the sexy way  ^_^)

Its been a few busy, and partially upsetting weeks around here and I just haven’t had it in me to write.

First off, for my surrogacy we had our transfer on July 28, but sadly on August 10 we found out that it didn’t take.  So I went off all my meds, and had to wait and see what the next step was.  Luckily I only had to wait a few days for the answer which was go back on the BCP’s for 2 weeks, then stop and on that next cycle we are going to try again.

So I’ll be heading back to the clinic on Sunday (Sept 4th) for my Day 2 tests again, and away we go again!  The only difference is that this time we don’t have to coordinate with an egg donor since we now have frozen embryos waiting for us.  This gives us a little more flexibility in setting the transfer day, which is nice since I have to coordinate my husbands schedule as well.

The next thing that happened was that Mike received some unfortunate and VERY upsetting news from work.  The reason we moved to London was because he was offered a promotion to Assistant Manager in his company for the London location. This meant better pay, guaranteed full-time hours and a benefits plan. We found out on the 18th that in any store that doesn’t meet a certain revenue, they are eliminating the Assistant Manager position. So basically he had his pay reduced, and he was back to being part-time.

As you can imagine Mike and I were both extremely stressed out by this information. We had uprooted our whole family and moved to London just because of this job!  I felt like this whole thing was pointless.  We moved here and in the end were no better off then we were before, except now we are here with no friends, in a city that I honestly just don’t care for. I’d be perfectly happy right now to go back home, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

So we put all our efforts into job hunting. I’d already been applying for part-time positions, so I expanded my search into full-time positions too.  Mike started sending out applications and resumes to any management type job he could find advertised.  Including a company I will currently refer to as “The Place” since we don’t know if he got that job yet.  It’s a successful company that is now expanding into London, and is hoping to open in the next month.

So, he applied to the “The Place” and it took almost a week before he heard anything from them.  They called and set up an interview that according to Mike went very well.  The location is actually a bit closer to home which is nice.  Shortly after the interview with the Regional Manager, the Store Manager went to meet Mike at work, and traded phone numbers.  Then a day or two later, Mike was called by that manager inviting us all out to lunch at a restaurant nearby.

So on Sunday we had a nice brunch with Mikes’ potential new boss, his wife, and one of their daughters who will also be working in the store.  It turns out that the family had run a similar business in that location for about 18 years before deciding to sell the business to “The Place”, and they were kept on to manage the location.  They seem very happy and excited by everything that is going on.

After we ate, they invited us to the location to see the construction that is going on inside and to talk about what the final vision will be.  I take all this as a very good sign, since we really don’t know if Mike has the job yet or not.  The next day Mike had his scheduled 2nd interview which was with the head of the HR department, and we should know by the end of this week one way or another.

Here is a picture that Haylee drew on her napkin at the restaurant. it’s currently hanging on our fridge.  I like it!

Haylees lovely picture!

So those are some of the more major issues we have been dealing with.

A few little side things that came up were:

1) Tornado Warning: Last week was the first tornado warning since moving here.  Apparently we moved to “Tornado Alley” and this is going to be a fairly common occurence.  We didn’t actually get a tornado here, but the storms that day were pretty crazy, and the kids were a little nervous because of things they heard other people saying at the grocery store as we went to get some supplies.  We ended up having to go and pick up Mike at work since he rode his bike into work before knowing about the warnings, and there was NO way I was letting him ride home.  The drive was actually pretty uneventful, with the worst part simply being that we got soaked getting to and from the van.

2) Furry Houseguest: The other night while working on my online Smartserve course, I happened to see something out of the corner of my head near the kitchen door.  I thought I was crazy simply because I was exhausted and my eyes were blurry from being on my laptop for so long with the course.  A few minutes ago I saw it again and with no doubts, we had a mouse.  Mike and I tried to catch it, but I grabbed a poor choice of trap and it got out.  So the next day we went to the store and got a humane Catch and Release style trap and set it up at home. But we haven’t caught the mouse, and I haven’t seen any sign of it since.  Nothing at all!  So maybe it got back out, however it got in.  *shrug*

So that’s it.  Life is crazy…but when isn’t it crazy?

Sterilization and Impregnation…Oh My!

Published July 27, 2011 by S

Ok,  so for the last little while my husband has been very open and vocal about his upcoming Vasectomy.  Well…tomorrow is the big day.

But not only is it Mikes big day, but it is mine as well.  After many months of waiting and hoping, tomorrow is Transfer Day for my surrogacy.  Mike and I like to joke that while he is going to have one man putting a knife to his balls, I’ll be off (hopefully) getting pregnant for 2 other men.

I am very excited for our surrogacy journey to finally get started. I plan to update my surrogacy blog ( tomorrow after the procedure.

As we say in the surrogacy world “Think sticky thoughts for me!”

PS. While doing a very random Google search tonight, I came across a link to this funny clip from Family Guy.


Honestly I think that employing Barbershop Quartets for these kinds of situations, could dramatically increase success rates.   I mean come on!  Who doesn’t love an anatomy lesson from 4 men with mustaches singing and dancing?

A couple days of Pictures.

Published July 21, 2011 by S

I noticed I’ve taken quite a few pictures the last 2 days so thought I’d share some of the here.  I have no rhyme or reason for most of them, just random pictures.

On Wednesday the kids and I needed a ‘down’ day.  We had been doing a lot of running around for the last week and it was a much needed rest.

Jacks found a new favourite spot

After Haylee’s karate class last night, we finally managed to get the kids hair cut. Jack sat amazingly still for the stylist.  She just couldn’t get over how well he bahaved for the whole thing.  Apparantly I have the best 3 year old boy ever to walk in that place.

Jack rocking his new "Faux'-hawk

When we got home Haylee tried on her new “Gi”.  Her last Dojo had all the kids in White, and I can’t say I’m going to miss cleaning it!  LoL

She is now my little Bumblebee!

That's my little Ninja!

Today we had a lot of running around to do again.  A trip to Burlington and then back to our other house in Niagara.  Thank goodness for working air-conditioning in the Van!  Here’s a shot of the weather info for my new home city. glad I'm not pregnant yet on a day like today.

On the way home though I saw a crazy scene on the highway.

Tractor Trailer on fire...SCARY!

I love you internet! Never leave me again!

Published July 19, 2011 by S

So after 23 days of no real internet, I am finally free of the technological blackout!

Ok, I’m obviously over exaggerating since I’ve had my Iphone to keep me sane and connected, but as much as I love that little pocket-sized miracle, I’m so very glad to finally have internet here in London.

Can we say Multi-tasking? So much easier on a laptop!

I’ll spare you the details of why it all took so long, but I’m finally connected again.  I can look up all the places I need to find in London, I can get back to easy online banking, and dear freaking lord am I glad that I can access my chat room sites again!  (no, not dirty chats, but my surrogacy support sites.)  And most important of all, we can download and stream tv again, and at much better speeds than in Thorold. So no more waiting 3 days for episodes of True Blood!  Hurray!

Now, some of you are probably thinking, big freaking deal! She has internet…who doesn’t?  But you know what? So much of our everyday lives in online.  Like I mentioned above,  online banking for instance.  Sure I can log on my bank site to pay bills from my Iphone, but it’s so much easier from my laptop.  I don’t have to worry about the screen jumping around and accidentally paying the wrong amount to the wrong bill.

Even the simplest of things, Email is finally easier again.  Love my Iphone to bits, but for long emails it’s a pain in the toosh!  Autocorrect can be a beautiful thing, but when you have to retype the same word 4 or 5 times because it’s not a normal word or its an abbreviation, it gets tedious.


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